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Al Mal Tiempo, Buena Cara

It translates to “a good face in bad times.” Held at the #YoAmo305 gallery during a monumental Art Basel, this collaborative painting and installation project by Maria Isabel Rueda y Pedro Varela brought two worlds together in a beautiful clash of styles and attitudes. Fordista Films proudly presents our contribution to one of the largest art events in the world. A good face in good times.

Miami Through the Eyes of Its Beholders

Alexandra Vivas Lets Her Lens Find Fusión

By John Hood

The immigrant story may not be a new one, but it is new to each immigrant who comes to live it, which is one of the main reasons why such stories endure  — and why they will continue to endure for as long as people pack up their lives and and head for unfamiliar shores. Here in Miami, of course, a new story is born every single day. And you can bet that not one of the lives who are living the experience find it anything but brand new.

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Rhymes, Ramonas, and Rock & Roll

Fordistas Cultural Correspondent, Pamela Wasabi interviews Camila Saldarriaga

Many can follow trends, some have the luxury of buying at expensive designer boutiques, but few have innate talent of style, of taste, of fashion –those can’t be bought.

LiTTLE RAMONAS, aren’t ones to fit the script. They don’t try to imitate, they admire. Camila, Paula, and Mariana are spread around New York, Miami, and Bogota. With their fashion project they’ve created a style with roots and branches. Vintage meets bold Ramones meets a nostalgic poem that’s certainly contagious. A style hard to contain in one label, a style that evolves through its own winter and spring.

Check out our conversation with Camila Saldarriaga a.k.a Ramona Mia, and stay tuned atLittleRamonas.com with updates about their online boutique, productions, and parties.

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Fordistas 8 Closing

The closing of Fordistas 8 featuring Brian Butler’s solo exhibition Get Lost was a huge success as thousands of people hit the astroturf for some putt-putt partying throughout the night. The series inspired by years of getting lost on the back roads of America transported the gallery patrons through a world of weird and showed that nobody is too cool for mini-golf.

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Brian Butler Takes a Mulligan for Fordistas 8

June Artwalkers are probably all too well aware that the lights went out in Wynwood for a couple crucial hours last month. Specifically affected was that heavily-trafficked stretch of Second Avenue which is headquarters to Product/81, art house home of Fordistas. That the blackout happened between the hours of 6pm and 8pm not only meant the dimming of a prime time chunk of Second Saturday night, it left too many Second Saturday nighters in the dark about ace visualist Brian Butler’s Let’s Get Lost . Considering the wild wow of a show is immersed in, influenced by and mad with miniature golf, we’re taking a Mulligan and giving everyone a second chance to see first hand just how wowful is the work of this Miami-based wonderist.

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Wasabi’s Bonaroo Photo Journal – Part 2

Pamela Wasabi is the Fordistas Arts & Culture Correspondent

Bonnaroo’s celebrations started on Thursday. However, we were not able to make it there until Friday night.The air kept getting colder, the night darker, and at a distance while the Bonnaroo security point checked our car, we could hear a Radiohead echo that came with the wind.

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