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Get ready for Red

The newly dubbed BB&T Center, formerly the Bank Atlantic, has more than a new sign on the front door. If you’ve ever experienced the luxury of the ADT Club while watching the Panthers slam opponents into the glass or during any of the myriad events that blow through the arena, get ready for a whole new level of swankiness. They’re calling it Club Red, and in keeping with the spirit of the Florida Panthers, you have to see it to BELIEVE RED.

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Ready to throw rats!

Tonight is our night – game 7 South Florida, let’s go out there and support our Florida Panthers. How do you like our Rat Pack?

We Believe RED!

Where my Cats at?

South Florida is an event town. We like what’s new and trendy. Now it’s time to see if we are a hockey town…again.The last time we were obsessed with hockey was 16 years ago when a young franchise took everyone by storm by going on a memorable playoff run, winning the Eastern Conference Championship and losing the Stanley Cup.

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Ford Focus Shootout

Although our Florida Panther’s have been tearing through the opposition in their march to the playoffs, they aren’t the only ones competing on the ice. Every Friday home game for the Cats is a Ford Friday, and all season we’ve had three hockey fans compete in the Ford Focus Shootout. The winners from each night faced off during the final Ford Friday of the season on March 23rd.

Our five finalists stepped up the challenge and managed to block out the bright lights and roaring crowd for their once in a lifetime shot. In the end, only one could raise their hockey stick, run their victory lap around the ice, and drive away in a 2012 Ford Focus.

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