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You know #22 as an all-star running back, but SFF recently sat down with Reggie Bush to see what he’s all about off the field. Aside from the great 1-on-1 interview, we dropped a truckload of Dolphins gear in front of him and asked him to start signing. And who does all this gear go to? You, the people. For the past month we’ve posted the #ADayWithReggie contests all over our FB, Twitter & YouTube, and geared up enough fans to start our own football team, but we’re not done yet…

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Brenda @ Barrett-Jackson

Classic car lovers are a special breed. Painstakingly restoring and preserving something from the past takes a level of love and dedication that isn’t too common these days. A ’68 Shelby, a century old Model T, a Thunderbird with a fresh paint job – these are all works of art to them.

Once a year they gather in West Palm Beach for the Barrett-Jackson classic car auction, one of the largest events of its kind in the world.  SFF’s Brenda Lowe, along with the Ford Message Ambassadors, visited the show to take deeper look at what drives their passion.

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