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You know #22 as an all-star running back, but SFF recently sat down with Reggie Bush to see what he’s all about off the field. Aside from the great 1-on-1 interview, we dropped a truckload of Dolphins gear in front of him and asked him to start signing. And who does all this gear go to? You, the people. For the past month we’ve posted the #ADayWithReggie contests all over our FB, Twitter & YouTube, and geared up enough fans to start our own football team, but we’re not done yet…

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Common Threads: Teaching Miami’s Youth How To Cook And Be Healthy

Children with Chef Instructor. Photo Courtesy of Common Threads Miami

For those of you that follow my hijinks on Twitter, I’ve been tweeting about and volunteering at Common Threads events for a a couple of months now. A question I get consistently asked is, “What is Common Threads? Is it a clothes store?” The answer is “It’s not a clothes store!” I decided to sit down with the new Miami Program Manager for Common Thread, Jeannie Necessary, to shed some light on what exactly this amazing non-profit organization is doing in Miami.

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Drive Against Hunger

The phrase “think globally, act locally” can be hard to grasp without concrete examples. How do you envision and work towards a large goal by taking small steps in your own backyard? When it comes to the issue of stamping out hunger in America, what kind of an impact can one person have? The answer is 40 meals. For every person participating in 2013 Ford Escape Hunger Drive, 40 meals  are donated to needy families by Ford Motor Company.

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Ford Photo Safari and $5 Days at Zoo Miami

The plains of Africa, the Amazon rainforest, and the Australian Outback can all be found in southwest Miami-Dade county. Zoo Miami is an oasis of wilderness tucked away in a concrete jungle. And like all great wild places, they need brave adventurers to explore them and tell their story.

Zoo Miami is offering a wonderful opportunity to bring your whole family to the zoo during $5 Days from July 4th-8th, presented by Ford Motor Company. But that’s just the start of your adventure.

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Ambition and Hope for the Future

For as much press and notoriety as the Salute to Education program gets, sometimes what makes it truly special gets lost behind its own success. The stats alone are impressive; 17 years, hundreds of students and computers, and thousands of dollars in scholarships. But the Salute scholarships are really all about the individual recipients, their families, and the impact it has on their lives.

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Sweet Escape Sweepstakes

This blog has a section called “Power to the People.” We didn’t call it something like “charity” “community work” or “social causes” because those names don’t communicate the heart of what we do. South Florida Ford is all about empowering people – you. Susan G. Komen’s Warriors in Pink is a great example of this. We’ve supported Race for the Cure for a long time, and have always had a great time doing so. Just take a look at pictures from past events and you’ll see what they’re all about.

We’re continuing our tradition by putting you behind the wheel of a 2013 Warriors in Pink Ford Escape, powered by an EcoBoost engine. Just sign up for the sweepstakes here for your chance to win. Show everyone just how empowered you are when you cruise down the street in your new ride.

Ford Salute to Education

Although Sunlife Stadium is just starting to buzz with Dolphins pre-season activity, this Saturday an entirely different crowd will be there with high hopes for the future. Ford’s Salute to Education scholarship program will award 50 graduating high-school seniors from Miami-Dade and Broward County $1,500 and a new laptop for college.

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