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Ice Cold Pucks

Earlier this week we wrote about ping pong balls being the measuring tool of choice for the designers of the 2013 Ford Escape. SFF does things a little differently – we use hockey pucks instead. We challenged our community to guess how many pucks fit into the Ford Flex refrigerator for a chance to win an iPod Shuffle. Check out the video for the answer.

Ford’s Scientific Method

When Ford revealed its odd way of measuring the interior cubic space of the 2013 Ford Escape earlier this week, car nerds and math geeks discussed the method’s brilliance, while everyone else simply said, “huh?” Believe it or not, one Ford engineer’s idea to use thousands of ping pong balls as a measurement tool actually ended up being a much more accurate way to calculate the numbers you look at when shopping for your Ford like cargo space and headroom.

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Putting Fans on the Field

Viewers of last night’s premier of Showtime’s The Franchise: A Season with the Miami Marlins all seem to have the same opinion. People in Major League Baseball swear – a lot. Ozzy Guillen’s first team meeting was captured in the show and featured an avalanche of F-bombs (97 to be precise). How’s that for a motivational speech? Let’s hope that the fish at least clean up the language when they get out on the field, because South Florida Ford is putting fans right there with them.

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SFF Goes to the Zoo

Today we traded in our Mustang GT for a 2 person bicycle at Zoo Miami. The horsepower left something to be desired, but the scenery was unbeatable as SFF went on a little run-through of the Ford Photo Safari and enjoyed a picture perfect South Florida day.

Have a look at some of our favorite Hipsta-pics, then Visit Zoo Miami during $5 Days presented by Ford Motor Company and take some of your own. Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter for a chance at a Family Annual Pass. And when we say ‘a chance’ we mean a really good chance, because we’re giving away 10 daily until Sunday.

We weren’t exactly NatGeo quality, but we’re sure you can do better. Capture a wild moment, win an annual pass. And remember, it’s all about your family, so show us how wild you can get.

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Ford Photo Safari and $5 Days at Zoo Miami

The plains of Africa, the Amazon rainforest, and the Australian Outback can all be found in southwest Miami-Dade county. Zoo Miami is an oasis of wilderness tucked away in a concrete jungle. And like all great wild places, they need brave adventurers to explore them and tell their story.

Zoo Miami is offering a wonderful opportunity to bring your whole family to the zoo during $5 Days from July 4th-8th, presented by Ford Motor Company. But that’s just the start of your adventure.

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Sweet Escape Sweepstakes

This blog has a section called “Power to the People.” We didn’t call it something like “charity” “community work” or “social causes” because those names don’t communicate the heart of what we do. South Florida Ford is all about empowering people – you. Susan G. Komen’s Warriors in Pink is a great example of this. We’ve supported Race for the Cure for a long time, and have always had a great time doing so. Just take a look at pictures from past events and you’ll see what they’re all about.

We’re continuing our tradition by putting you behind the wheel of a 2013 Warriors in Pink Ford Escape, powered by an EcoBoost engine. Just sign up for the sweepstakes here for your chance to win. Show everyone just how empowered you are when you cruise down the street in your new ride.

Helloooo, is there anybody in there??

Here’s a taste of what could be in store for 10 lucky SFF fans this Friday. Participate in our Facebook challenge and you’ll be rocking out with Roger Waters, one of the best to ever do it.