Fatgirl Hedonist – Looking Back at 2012


So 2013 is within reach and so far we’ve survived a presidential election, a Superstorm Hurricane, Michael Phelps’ (and his freakishly long torso) last swim in the Summer Olympics and the Mayans (unless they’re running on Miami time,then we’re screwed). This was a busy year for America and on a local level, South Florida was busy as well.

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Greatest hits

As the year winds down, here are some of our favorite SFF moments from 2012. Did you share any of these with us? Sound off on your SFF highlights.

Screen shot 2012-12-24 at 12.39.54 PM– From your friends at SFF


Al Mal Tiempo, Buena Cara

It translates to “a good face in bad times.” Held at the #YoAmo305 gallery during a monumental Art Basel, this collaborative painting and installation project by Maria Isabel Rueda y Pedro Varela brought two worlds together in a beautiful clash of styles and attitudes. Fordista Films proudly presents our contribution to one of the largest art events in the world. A good face in good times.

Get ready for Red

The newly dubbed BB&T Center, formerly the Bank Atlantic, has more than a new sign on the front door. If you’ve ever experienced the luxury of the ADT Club while watching the Panthers slam opponents into the glass or during any of the myriad events that blow through the arena, get ready for a whole new level of swankiness. They’re calling it Club Red, and in keeping with the spirit of the Florida Panthers, you have to see it to BELIEVE RED.

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You know #22 as an all-star running back, but SFF recently sat down with Reggie Bush to see what he’s all about off the field. Aside from the great 1-on-1 interview, we dropped a truckload of Dolphins gear in front of him and asked him to start signing. And who does all this gear go to? You, the people. For the past month we’ve posted the #ADayWithReggie contests all over our FB, Twitter & YouTube, and geared up enough fans to start our own football team, but we’re not done yet…

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Art Basel Guide

spinellophoto1Whether you’re into it, enjoy it, or even “get it,” Basel and the hoards of art lovers and out of towners is here. It’s arguably the biggest cultural event of the year and it can get downright overwhelming. Fortunately, we threw together a little cheat sheet over at Fordistas.com. Choose a night, find an event, and proceed to get artsy.